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Sean Barkley
Sean Barkley

I am pumped about what's new to Vistaly this week. If you're building opportunity solution trees, impact maps, KPI trees, or using trees to visualize product processes or business systems, check this out.

We've been working with customers to build tools that get out of your way, so you can focus on building strategy and discovery systems that work.

What does "getting out of the way" mean in this context?

  • More than short-lived whiteboarding artifacts, you know, the ones that started as a brainstorming doc but evolved into something… else.
  • Shareable without requiring a personal guided 1:1 tour.
  • ALWAYS clean, organized, and structured without spending minutes dragging boxes around each time you want to make a meaningful change.
  • Scales past the one or two people who spent time building the thing.
  • It doesn't lock your data inside, requiring double or triple entry to get information where it needs to go.
  • Quickly see what changed, when, and by whom.

On to what’s new!

Let's say you've been capturing customer insights and identifying opportunities for a while. Your tree's getting big, the team is committed to addressing several opportunities, and you're responsible for a few.

Imagine taking a tree of 100-200 cards (multiple opportunity solution trees, KPI trees, etc) and minimizing it to the 2-5 areas you care about by clicking one button. Then imagine you can explore from there to learn more or get a refresher, all within the context of your metrics, outcomes, and customer discovery data. Wouldn’t that be cool 😉

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Sean Barkley
Sean Barkley