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Matt O'Connell
Matt O'Connell

Building a great product that creates business and customer value is a monumental undertaking. As a product grows, there comes with it a growing need for reliable strategy, alignment, focus, agency, and discovery.

Vistaly's story is all about giving teams the tools they need to create better products that make a real difference.

What problem does Vistaly Solve?

There is no shortage of task & project management solutions on the market. What there is a shortage of is well-defined product strategies and confidence in execution, all of which results in:

  • Increased number of iterations - the feeling of moving too slow
  • Low to no value solutions shipped - product debt and unnecessary complexity
  • Stakeholder & team frustration
  • Churn
  • Lost opportunity

What can Vistaly do about it?

Create more customer & business value in less time.

Bold claim.. How?

Vistaly makes it easy to:

  • Develop, refine, & communicate clear product strategy.
  • Set outcomes and discover what best achieves them (before investing in solutions).

Vistaly’s own product strategy is anchored in these two concepts:

two concepts image

Why does that matter?

Product Strategy

Developing a clear product strategy limits the vast number of opportunities for a team to explore while creating focus for the ones that align with your mission and goals. This will be your advantage.

product strategy image

“Strategy is at least as much about what an organization does not do as it is about what it does.” – Richard P. Rumelt (Good Strategy/Bad Strategy)

Product Discovery

Conducting effective product discovery uncovers the optimal path for strengthening hypotheses on how to best create value that meets specific outcomes. When teams synthesize information gathered from data, customer interviews, and other research, they uncover the optimal paths to create that value. This is discovery.

"Product discovery is at the heart of building products customers love. When done correctly teams build a continuous stream of inbound insight and information that ensures every decision they make is based on evidence. Vistaly simplifies the process of getting from problem to hypotheses to experiment to shipped feature ensuring you spend the most time on the solutions most likely to succeed." - Jeff Gothelf (Co-author of the award-winning book Lean UX and the Harvard Business Review Press book Sense & Respond)

How does Vistaly approach product strategy & discovery?

Visualize the path from your problem statement to your OKRs

We view it as our responsibility to make the development and interpretation of product strategy & discovery work simple. By doing this, teams can create actual alignment and be more confident in working on the next big thing.

connect the dots

Easily communicate how the product strategy is performing

Building confidence in 'what's next?' is part of it - knowing if it's working is the other part. We will continue to stive to surface any information that can help your team truly understand the impact of your work.

We know that more task completion ≠ created value.


Create real transparency and enable better collaboration

We believe that strategy and discovery work needs to be exposed more broadly within an organization. Creating transparency around why something is important and exposing assumptions builds empathy and trust within teams and for their customers.


Where does Vistaly fit into my teams workflow?

Vistaly is where information is stored and refined in a way that your team can easily interpret for determining the next course of action.

What Vistaly is not

1) Raw information collection solution

There are a ton of solutions out there for collecting information that will ultimately inform the input into Vistaly. Vistaly itself is not a collection solution, but we do have every intention on integrating with them to improve strategy & discovery development efficiency.

2) Task management tool

Vistaly's intent is to surface solutions that create maximum value. It will not help break those solutions down into tasks and perform task management – there are enough of those tools out there.

Here's how we look at the landscape.


A closing note

Vistaly's story is all about giving teams the tools they need to create better products that make a real difference. We hope you come along for the ride and join us in improving how teams approach product strategy & discovery.

Vistaly is a single workspace for connecting strategy, discovery, and delivery –– visually

Built for product and go-to-market teams –– efficient separately, unstoppable together.

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Matt O'Connell
Matt O'Connell